Pathway Studio Training Programs

Ariadne offers a selection of training programs to Pathway Studio users. Contact us for details and to arrange for a training.

Instructor Based Training

Ariadne offers a flexible portfolio of training programs, led by PhD level scientists who can help you make the best use of Pathway Studio. The training is available at your location or at Ariadne's facility, or via web-based sessions.  Introductory training follows a standard curriculum. Advanced training programs can be customized to fit your specific needs.  Standard topics include:

  • Data Mining and Pathway Building in Pathway Studio
  • Analysis of High-Throughput Data in Pathway Studio
  • MedScan Technology and Text Mining

Training prices are based on location, duration, and the number of students that will be attenting.

Technical Support

Ariadne Technical Support department is available to provide specific answers to application, scientific, or technical questions via telephone or email.  Please feel free to Contact Us with specific questions.

Arrange for Training for You or Your Organization

For more information regarding training, or to schedule a training session, please Contact Us.  We are committed to making your Pathway Studio subscription valuable and productive.