Pathway Collection

Pathway Studio includes 227 Receptor Signaling and 21 new Cellular Process Regulation pathways.  You can edit, expand, and modify these pathways using Pathway Studio's pathway building functionality. 

These pathways are also useful for interpretation of your microarray and other experimental data.  A sample of these pathways is presented here.  All pathways contain additional information which can be accessed by clicking on the entities or the relationships.

Actin Cytoskeleton Regulation
Activin Receptor -> CMAD Signaling
Apoptosis Regulation Pathway
Axon Guidance
B-cell receptor -> NFATC signaling
B-cell receptor -> NF-kB signaling
Dopamine receptor -> NF-kB signaling
Dopamine receptor signaling via MAPK cascade
EGF receptor signaling in myogenesis
Gap Junction Regulation
Growth factors signaling via MAPK cascade
Hedgehog Signaling
IGF receptor signaling via MAPK cascade
IL-1 -> NF-kB signaling
IL-6 signaling via MAPK cascade
IL-6 -> STAT signaling
IL-7 -> Akt signaling
Insulin -> Akt signaling I
Insulin -> STAT signaling I
Insulin -> STAT signaling II
Insulin Signaling Pathway
Integrin -> beta-catenin signaling
Interferon gamma signaling
Macrophage receptor signaling
NK Cell Activation
Notch -> HES/HEY signaling
Notch Pathway
Prostaglandin receptor signaling
Protein tyrosine phosphatase receptor signaling
Serotonin receptor 1 signaling
Serotonin receptor 2 signaling
Somatostatin receptor signaling
T-cell receptor -> NF-kB signaling
TGF-beta -> SMAD signaling
TGF-beta signaling in myogenesis
TNF receptor (Death receptor) -> NF-kB signaling
TNF receptor (Death receptor) signaling via MAPK cascade
Toll-like receptor -> AP-1 signaling
Toll-like receptor -> NF-kB signaling
WNT -> beta-catenin signaling
WNT signaling via MAPK cascade