Pathway Studio

Pathway Studio pathway analysis software helps you to:

  • Interpret gene expression and other high throughput data
  • Build, expand and analyze pathways
  • Find relationships among genes, proteins, cell processes and diseases
  • Draw publication-quality pathway diagrams

Pathway Studio comes with the ResNet Mammalian Database with access to other databases including ResNet Plant, and enables pathway analysis for most model organisms. Pathway Studio also supports Science Signaling and Prolexys HyNet protein-protein interaction database.

You can keep the ResNet databases up-to-date with newly published facts with Ariadne MedScan technology or use our Quarterly database updates.

Pathway Studio pathway analysis software: visualizing the science.

Pathway Studio enables in-depth analysis of any interrelated biological data. This is particularly useful for the interpretation of gene expression or proteomics experiments. Import the experimental data into Pathway Studio and use it to find relationships based upon biological knowledge extracted from the entire PubMed.

Pathway Studio finds common regulators and associates pathway components with like-behaving biological entities and processes. All relationships are supported and validated by citations, linked to their references of origin.

With advanced data analysis algorithms, Pathway Studio enables pathway analysis of the entire probe set, associating genes into like-functioned or like-associated biological properties.

Pathway analysis adds a biological  perspective to your experimental data and takes your understanding beyond clustering comparisons and heat-map visualization.

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Pathway Studio Desktop runs on Microsoft Vista and XP Professional Edition with 2 GB RAM and 10 GB disk space.  Click here to review technical requirements.

Click here to learn more about Pathway Studio Enterprise Edition.

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