Complete and quality information is essential for pathway analysis. This alone differentiates Pathway Studio from other commercial pathway analysis applications. Pathway Studio uniquely connects users to information in the literature as well as to several alternative content sources and databases.

Pathway Studio comes with: 

  • Ariadne's ResNet Databases:
    • ResNet Mammalian
    • ResNet Plant
  • Prolexys HyNet high-quality Y2H protein interaction database (should be purchased separately, available exclusively through Ariadne)

Pathway Studio can import data from the following data providers (Each provider has their own licensing requirements to be met before you can import):

  • Gene Ontology (GO)
  • Gene sets from the Molecular Signal Database from the BROAD institute
  • HPRD
  • Experimental data from Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO)
  • Aracyc metabolic pathways from TAIR and other pathways in BioPax format.
  • Various ontologies in OBO format.

Pathway Studio supports development of custom databases and provides means for knowledge extraction to update the existing ones.

How to Purchase

To purchase Pathway Studio software with ResNet database, for information, or to schedule a web demonstration, call our sales department at , or (toll free).

You can also register for a product evaluation, or fill-in the web Contact Us form, and a sales representative will contact you.

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