The Next Step Bioinformatics Products

The availability of high throughput genomic data, organism-wide protein-protein interaction data, and widespread gene profiling technology has done little to alleviate the challenge for the biologist to create and validate a systems level hypothesis for the mechanism for disease progress and drug intervention. 

In response to this challenge, Ariadne has leveraged expertise in natural language processing, systems biology, and software development to introduce a new generation of bioinformatics products that capture and aggregate the collective knowledge of research biology into a flexible data mining and analysis application, suitable for the individual and for the enterprise.


MedScan® forms the heart of Ariadne’s technology with proprietary, state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) and data mining algorithms that are applied in a coherent fashion to automatically extract information from literature. The scope of the extracted information covers protein-protein relationships such as interactions, modifications, expression regulation and other protein regulations, protein localization, regulation of cellular processes and associations with diseases. Ariadne uses MedScan to generate the ResNet® Database of interactions between proteins, cell processes, and small molecules. 

Researchers use Pathway Studio®, Ariadne’s premier product, to access the ResNet database and MedScan technology for data mining, network building, and advanced analysis.  Pathway Studio is available as a PC-application to suit an individual researcher, and as server based installation with both browser and PC-based access, powerful enough to serve a global enterprise.  
Pathway Studio is built with open and extensible infrastructure that easily accommodates third-party data, import and export of critical data, and integration with complimentary analysis tools. Ariadne supplies databases of reference canonical and signaling pathways, protein annotations and disease-related genes with periodic updates.  MedScan enables researchers to develop and expand data resources in their own areas of research.


Customers of Pathway Studio include the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, most of the leading agricultural companies, as well as individual academic researchers and research laboratories in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Pathway Studio is used in the established areas of discovery, safety, and development within the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries as well as for basic biomedical research within University research environments.


Ariadne was founded in 2002 with a unique combined experience in software development for genomics and proteomics with talents and expertise in algorithm design, commercial bioinformatics system construction and bench-level biological expertise.  Ariadne headquarters is located in the Maryland I-270 Technology Corridor with sales offices in Massachusetts, Colorado, California, Europe. Ariadne also sells through distributors in Australia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan.  Ariadne has strengthened its business and product offerings through partnership with best-of-breed technology vendors including Affymetrix, IBM, Illumina, InforSense, Jubilant, Spotfire, Prolexys, and Science AAAS.

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